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Services We Provide

Nail and Skin Care

Many of our patients require assistance with routine foot care and depended on us to provide this valuable service. Cutting your own nails can be challenging due to reduced mobility, poor eye sight or if you have hard, think or fungal toenails. Ingrown toe nails can be another problem for people of all ages. We can help manage your ingrown toenail, provide advice on how to prevent them and even offer nail surgeries as a long-term solution. Corns and calluses can be another cause for concern.  We can remove calluses and corns making them more comfortable and can give you advice and tools to reduce the reoccurrence rate. Warts and tinea are other common conditions of the skin which we can treat.


Diabetic Assessments

Diabetes can increase the risk of developing problems with your feet. You can reduce this risk by having regular foot checks and taking good care of your feet. We will examine your feet for any current problems and determine how likely you are to develop a foot problem in the future. We will assess the condition of your nails and skin, evaluate the blood flow to your feet by checking your pulses and determine the level of feeling in your feet by testing your nerves. We can also help with any questions you may have about your diabetes.


Biomechanical Assessments

To facilitate the treatment of foot, ankle, leg, knee and hip pain we view the body as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated. A biomechanical assessment is one step we perform to diagnose and treat conditions of the leg and foot. We will assess your joint range of motion and function, muscle strength, the way that you walk and your footwear. We will then be able to provide you with a personalised treatment plan which may consist of stretching and strengthening exercises, foot orthotics and if appropriate dry needling.

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Health Comes First

As registered Podiatrists, we can offer evidence based podiatric services in order to meet our patients’ needs. We are committed to offering high quality care to the Sunraysia community of all ages. With many years of experience and continual ongoing professional development, you can be sure that your health is in good hands.

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Orthotic Prescriptions

Orthotics are functional innersoles designed to align the foot and leg correctly. They control abnormal motion in the lower limb which improves muscle function and reduces pain. With both off the shelf and custom orthotics available you can be sure that there is a suitable option for you meeting your needs and budget. Every patient is different this is why we are proud to offer specialized custom orthotics which are made for foot specifically. This will involve us taking a cast of your foot and sending it off to a lab outlining what features your orthotic should have.


Dry Needling

Dry needling involves the insertion of needles into trigger points of muscles. It can help with a range of conditions of the leg and foot by reducing pain and muscle tightness.

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Paediatric Assessments

Children are not adults and the conditions affecting them are very specific to their age and the ongoing growth their body is experiencing.  We provide services that consider what is normal for the child's age and development stage. Common conditions we treat in children or youth are  intoeing, growing pains and heel pain.  If a child is experiencing these for any length of time, they should be assessed by a podiatrist.

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